Hage Kobany Delivers Holiday Turkeys!

During the 2012 food drive luncheon for SACA (Southern Anoka Community Assistance), their spokesperson said "Please help us next year so we can provide turkeys for all families in need for Thanksgiving and Christmas."

I have a passion of helping because Turkey Dinner has always been associated with my friends and family getting together. Great conversation, Fellowship and appreciation of our Faith often occurs, and we eat well.

Hage Kobany employees, customers, associates and vendors have supported me, and I receive great pleasure supporting SACA because of what they do for people.
Hage Kobany delivered 89 turkeys to SACA in 2013 & 103 turkeys in 2014. This year 2015, the total turkeys delivered to SACA added up to 194. Wow!

Thank You & Happy New Year!